over 25 years of experience,

30th place in the ranking of Poland’s major audit companies published by Rzeczpospolita gazette,

over 700 financial statements audited in the last 3 years,

our internal quality control system ensures high quality of our services,

we know how to establish partner-like relations and work efficiently,

we provide added value to our Clients with each assignment.

The Management Board and staff of DORADCA Auditors Sp. z o.o. make every effort to make sure that our internal quality assurance system is effective, ensuring high standards of performance as well as compliance with the law and with codes of conduct in auditing.


Our internal quality assurance system is based

on the following components:

Compliance with ethical standards (with a particular focus on independence and objectivity and integrity in our work),

Management Board’s responsibility for providing a high quality of services,

A focus on training and improvement of staff’s competencies,

A focus on the quality of work performed as well as quality of deliverables and working documentation,

Ongoing monitoring of the quality assurance system,

Commitment to transparent relations with clients and collaborators.


In order to attain this goal:

we set up specialised teams of experts whose experience and knowledge ensure high quality of work,

we have a system of internal specialist consultations,

the key auditor who supervises an audit assignment takes responsibility for ensuring satisfactory quality,

we apply double verification of audit results (checks performed by the supervising auditor and a verifying auditor – a member of the Management Board who did not directly participate in the assignment).

DORADCA Auditors Sp. z o.o. has implemented an internal quality assurance system which complies with the International Standard on Quality Control (ISQC) 1 as well as International Standards on Auditing (ISAs). Our quality assurance system covers all steps in financial audit as well as other services we provide.

Our procedures for control and approval of working audit documentation and documentation of other steps lead to a certifying opinion focus on ensuring constant quality monitoring. They are aimed to ensure high quality of our service.


High quality of services is among our top priorities.

The staff of DORADCA Auditors Sp. z o.o. includes chartered auditors, as well as interns and assistants. We co-operate with legal advisors, IT experts, specialists in reviewing and assessing organisational structures. Our staff are specialists in accounting and finance with a broad range of skills, comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of tax audit and accounting audit. Members of our staff know how to apply their knowledge and experience in practice. Clients appreciate our experts’ flexibility and the ability to ensure dialogue and efficient business relations.

Since 1993 we have specialised in auditing financial statements (incl. consolidated ones) in compliance with the Polish Accounting Act and National Auditing Standards issued by the National Council of Statutory Auditors in Poland. Our work is based on contemporary standards on auditing. We perform our audits in accordance with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. We also audit financial statements for compliance with US GAAP. Our work is performed in keeping with the The Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants issued by IFAC.

One of our main assets is a partnership-based attitude towards our Clients. We respect their time and money, delivering solutions to many tax and accounting problems on an ongoing basis. In our work, we make efforts to combine high mobility and unconventional methodologies with experience and practice.


We are among leading Polish companies in the audit branch. In the ranking of Poland’s major audit companies published by Rzeczpospolita gazette in 2020 we proudly took the 30nd position.


partnership-based relations with Clients   /   independence   /   objectivity   /

transparency   /   high ethical standards   /   competencies

Our internal quality assurance procedures and independence assurance procedures prevent conflicts arising from non-compliance with the rule which stipulates that the auditor must be independent of the auditee.


All DORADCA’s staff adhere to strict ethical standards. We attach utmost importance to those standards. For this reason, we developed our own clear internal procedures and a relevant code of conduct. Our relations with Clients are, on the one hand, friendly and partnership-based but, on the other hand, built with strong commitment to independence and integrity.

Our philosophy is based on building partner-like relations with our Clients. We always endeavour to learn the auditee’s stance, understand problems and suggest the right solutions. We organise our work in a friendly and transparent manner. Our Clients appreciate partner-like relations and our timeliness in completing assignments.


DORADCA has implemented a policy to ensure independence and transparency in compliance with the Act on Statutory Auditors and their Self-government, Authorised Audit Firms and Public Supervision, dated 11 May 2017 (Journal of Laws – Polish Official Journal of 2019 item 1421 with later amendments) and with the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants issued by IFAC as well as International Standards on Auditing.

Our people are our key asset. Knowing this, we make sure we get the best qualifications and talents at the recruitment stage. Our specialists can continue their professional development and expand their competencies. All statutory auditors employed in our Company take part in obligatory training for auditors organised by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors in Poland. Moreover, our staff participate in our internal training and discussion panels, and external training in line with their personal development plans.

We learn and study to help you solve your problems.



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30th place in the ranking of Poland’s major audit companies published by Rzeczpospolita gazette,

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